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Warning: This submit contains spoilers from the season 4 finale of Riverdale.

When Riverdale shut down manufacturing attributable to social distancing measures, they were easiest ready to entire filming through episode 19 of what became as soon as in the origin scheduled to be a 22-episode season. Which formulation episode 19, which aired Wednesday night, now serves because the season 4 finale, and in that hour, the students of Riverdale High took down Mr. Honey — who’s now intriguing over to Stonewall Prep — and tried to uncover out more about who’s in the reduction of town’s mysterious video tapes. (Spoiler: They restful do now not know.)

EW spoke with Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa in regards to the finale and what the shortened season will mean for next three hundred and sixty five days.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Clearly here’s a demonstrate the save the thriller is so crucial, and an early stop formulation you don’t earn to clear up it. Nonetheless this episode does stop on a cliffhanger, so in that blueprint it works. What became as soon as your reaction to episode 19 having to wait on as your season finale?

ROBERTO AGUIRRE-SACASA: It is amusing, we had shot nearly two thirds of episode 20, which became as soon as going to be our creep episode. And we checked out that photographs and tried to query if there became as soon as a blueprint we might well cobble together that episode. We in truth had shot the creep, the save fairly about an extraordinarily dramatic issues occur, nonetheless we restful hadn’t shot some big character moments between Archie and Veronica and Betty and Jughead. So we device of appropriate couldn’t perform that. Then all all over again, after I noticed the reduce reduction of 19, what’s big about it is all of the kids are in a single big sage together united in opposition to Mr Honey. And it does stop on pretty, annoying cliffhanger. So, it device of became as soon as esteem, “Oh wait a minute, this might increasingly be a giant season finale” and then creep would be a giant season premiere next three hundred and sixty five days. So it labored out in device of the largest blueprint that you shall be ready to take into consideration given all the pieces. Clearly we would receive beloved to receive performed the stout season, and the final three episodes are inconceivable. Nonetheless to me, this one is enjoyable. It is a particular conceit and it brings all people together, which I mediate of us bask in.

So that you mentioned you’ll appropriate make episode 20 your premiere, which became as soon as my next quiz: Create you might well very well be feeling that the thriller of the stop of the season translates without peril into opening a brand original season?

Yeah, we had written episodes 20, 21 and 22 and after we talked about season 5 and one of the most big events esteem creep and graduation, it might per chance well feel esteem a cheat if we by hook or by crook didn’t perform those. So we’re surely starting the season with the final three episodes of season 4, and partly because they’re dynamite episodes. I mean big, big, big modifications occur. We are continuing the thriller and the relationship drama straight into season 5.

Speaking of relationship drama, Betty and Archie appear to receive place apart their emotions for now, nonetheless I’m why now felt esteem the time to resurface that relationship? And receive we considered the final of it? She did take a diary!

She did take regarded as one of her diaries. I mean, it’s amusing, for fairly about a season 4, Jughead and Betty had spent it apart. He’d been at Stonewall whereas Betty had been at Riverdale High. And I mediate they additionally were feeling esteem perchance their lives were going in different directions. So after we were talking about doing that sage, the musical felt esteem the precise time, because when of us perform musicals, they exhaust fairly about a time together. Although it became as soon as a diversity demonstrate, it appropriate felt precise to take up that thread. We had appropriate done the sage the save Betty and Archie had pretended to be together. It felt natural to what we were doing. The connection drama will incessantly be regarded as one of the most driving forces of the demonstrate. And although the draw quo is a diminutive bit bit returned in episode 19, the sage is nowhere advance performed yet.

Marisol Nichols and Skeet Ulrich had launched that they’d leave on the stop of season 4. Possess there been conversations about having them advance reduction for season five to movie a goodbye?

Yeah, I’ve talked to the total actors and I called Marisol and Skeet and I said, “You perceive guys, obviously we restful want to perform the tales we started in the season.” And both of them were esteem, “Clearly, let’s perform it.” And all all over again, neither Hermione nor F.P., this is rarely any longer a spoiler, nonetheless they’re no longer demise. My hope is to receive them be a phase of Riverdale for thus long as Riverdale continues.

Is there esteem a order storyline you might well very well be most bummed you didn’t earn to perform/most angry you’ll earn to at some time restrict?

I mediate it’s graduation. I’m of course proud of the final episode. Indubitably, the final two. The creep is de facto classic Riverdale. And I assumed 21, it became as soon as a valid emotional episode and fairly about a of us’s emotional tales device of climaxed nonetheless of course, it’s graduation. It is the kind of ceremony of passage. So many graduations were canceled this three hundred and sixty five days. I of course, of course beloved that episode. So I’m searching at for doing it at some level.

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