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The O’Toole clan suffered a serious loss all by the Households of the Mafia season finale.

All straight away, this heartbreaking message seemed on display mask in the heart of tonight’s episode: “All by production, Billy [O’Toole] was discovered deceased in his Staten Island dwelling.”

Billy’s ex-partner Jess published in an interview that Joe and Taylor’s father was discovered at 7 a.m. on July 14.

“That’s all every person is conscious of appropriate now,” she acknowledged. “We do no longer know the blueprint in which it took place or why it took place, and after we procure clarification of how this all took place and we get apart our family to leisure and ease, then we are going to make it known. Nevertheless as of appropriate now, we unruffled do no longer know the reason of death.”

Joe recounted that he noticed his dad two days sooner than the surprising loss.

“We had been placing out, ingesting beers — the full lot was honest correct,” the O’Toole twin acknowledged. “Two days later, I got the phone name my dad was pointless. I positively did lose my handiest friend, my role mannequin, my Superman.”

Taylor, who shared the final scene with her dad and brother as they visited their dad or mum’s roots in Brooklyn, published she was “broken.”

“I’m appropriate grateful for the time we had,” she acknowledged. “In actual fact rebuilding a relationship. It appropriate got ripped away.”

Later, Jess told her son that she neglected many things about Billy.

“I omit combating with him,” she confessed. “I omit his craziness. I omit us yelling at every diverse and thinking who’s the easier dad or mum. Unbiased correct the full lot we get been by for the past 30 years.”

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