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Plus, showrunner Rachel Shukert and govt producer Lucia Aniello checklist EW how they’re updating the total iconic characters.

Take hang of your see-thru landline mobile phone, yelp some pizza, and derive all of your BFFs because The Puny one-Sitters Club is formally abet in substitute!

Excellent in time for National Puny one-Sitter’s Day, EW can solely show that Netflix’s reboot of the beloved franchise will premiere July 3. And we now already beget a sneak see at the contemporary sequence with the first teaser trailer. Verify out the contemporary variations of the fan-current characters within the video above now.

In step with creator Ann M. Martin’s ultimate-selling books that touched a few generations, The Puny one-Sitters Club used to be previously tailored abet within the ’90s into both a TV sequence and movie. Nonetheless Netflix is bringing the nostalgic characters into contemporary times by updating them in a story location in this day’s world. The 10-episode streaming sequence, with usual creator Martin related to manufacture, follows the friendship and adventures of Kristy Thomas (Sophie Grace), Mary-Anne Spier (Malia Baker), Claudia Kishi (Momona Tamada), Stacey McGill (Shay Rudolph), and Smash of day Schafer (Xochitl Gomez) as the guts-schoolers starting up their babysitting substitute within the city of Stoneybrook, Conn.

“We beget loved severe about each of the characters and translating them into the show screen,” showrunner Rachel Shukert tells EW. “Whenever you occur to take hang of a slight one cherish Kristy who within the ’80s used to be this sporty tomboy, who is she within the arena now? She’s cherish this woman boss. Who’s Smash of day, somebody who used to be a vegetarian and paved the procedure for that within the ’80s? Now we’re today where she would possibly possibly possibly per chance per chance very wisely be somebody with a staunch social justice bent, an activist in regards to the atmosphere and about earnings inequality and stuff cherish that. Excellent bringing them into modernity used to be the truth is attention-grabbing, severe about how shall we checklist these tales thru a most up-to-date lens.”

Shukert guarantees that the TV variations of the total girls from the books are quiet “very canon” and they did no longer substitute who the characters are at their core. “We factual leaned into updating them for this day,” she says. “We the truth is see Mary Anne approach into her beget and judge out who she is. She learns beget herself. Claudia within the books is depraved at college but we dig into that extra in a technique that feels true for this day. The procedure that we take care of Stacy’s diabetes is a slight varied since the therapy and analysis of diabetes now would possibly possibly possibly per chance per chance be rather varied than it used to be within the ’80s, so we tried to the truth is gain cherish the scientific of it true when it involves how it would possibly possibly possibly probably per chance per chance per chance beget an influence in your lifestyles, what model of tools she would use, how she would the truth is feel about it, what the girls would trace about it and what they would no longer.”

Executive producer and director Lucia Aniello is excited to raise The Puny one-Sitters Club “to a brand contemporary generation of ladies.”

“We’re in this 2nd where or no longer it is the truth is nice to see the tales of younger women folk who are leaders in their community and their friendships with each varied and their households are so critical to them,” Aniello says. “Expectantly we will location a extremely gargantuan instance for a brand contemporary generation, the procedure that the books did for ours.”

“So mighty of it is about being a acceptable citizen, being a responsible person, being a caretaker,” Shukert provides. “And likewise factual the positivity of being acceptable visitors to each varied, acceptable visitors to the young contributors that they take hang of care of. Or no longer it is a extremely sure world and story in a technique that felt cherish a solve to sure issues.”

And bringing her nostalgic teen popular culture cred to the sequence is Clueless star Alicia Silverstone, who plays Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer a.k.a. the selfless single-mother of Kristy, with a love curiosity played by Imprint Feuerstein. “She the truth is introduced the personality of Kristy’s mother to lifestyles in a technique that makes her the truth is feel accessible,” Aniello says. “For folk my age who grew up with Clueless, she’s such an icon. And there’s one thing about being cherish, ‘Kristy’s mother will be my buddy,’ [laughs] that makes it the truth is feel very within the show screen day and relatable to all the generations which beget learn and loved these books. So that used to be animated for us when we cast her and noticed her on location.”

So preserve your eyes and ears peeled no longer factual for Clueless easter eggs but also the total ’80s and ’90s references and vogue peppered all around the first season, because Shukert and Aniello promise a “multi-generational” viewing abilities that would possibly possibly be stress-free for all ages. “It used to be stress-free to clutter around with all that stuff because it felt cherish bringing a section of our beget childhoods into this,” Shukert provides.

All 10 episodes of The Puny one-Sitters Club debut July 3 on Netflix.

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