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It be been a whereas since Cobie Smulders embodied a Canadian teen pop idol, but on Thursday she keep her denim jacket help on, and presumably her jelly bracelets too, to invent a quarantine-themed update of “Let’s Walk to the Mall,” from How I Met Your Mother.

On the cloak, Smulders’ Robin Scherbatsky sang the upbeat song help when she was identified as pop neatly-known particular person Robin Flickers in the Colossal White North. She hides this truth from all her friends till they detect the very ideal music video for themselves. While the distinctive lyrics are, clearly, about placing out on the mall with friends, Smulders’ new model encourages followers to shield internal throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

In an Instagram video unveiling the song, Smulders performs the piano whereas singing the modified lyrics.

“Retain on these jelly bracelets / And that chilly graffiti coat / ‘Cuz the mall is in our hearts, that’s what it be all about,” she sings (in its set of “On the mall, having stress-free is what it be all about”).

Utterly different new lines embody “I would like to pass build Zoom college rapidly, a minimal of till we’re all immune / But that is correct dazzling, I am gonna observe COVID pointers.”

Smulders additionally provides references to Top Minister Justin Trudeau and poutine, but keep now not distress, she keeps the sole parts in, like her crush (presumably husband Taran Killam?) having chilly hair “like Gretzy hair, and he does jumps on his skateboard.” And no, she did now not ignore the robot either. She even has a toy drum to imitate the drum heard in the distinctive song.

“Here it is. I am hoping it takes your mind off some issues. It absolutely did for me!” the Stumptown neatly-known particular person captioned the video.

Smulders additionally thanked How I Met Your Mother showrunners Craig Thomas and Carter Bays for the new lyrics, and composer Brian Kim, who smooth the distinctive and updated model. The actress is additionally encouraging followers to donate to Put the Children, Canada Helps, and Each day Bread Food Monetary institution.

Robin’s Canadian heritage and past profession had been most continuously the butt of the gang’s jokes on HIMYM, and all of it began with “Let’s Walk to the Mall” in season 2. While the distinctive song was supposed to had been recorded in the ’90s, Robin explains that she was wearing ’80s-impressed garments in the video attributable to the ’80s “did now not come to Canada till ’93.”

Smulders joins a form of stars we now indulge in updated famed tunes to match contemporary events. Neil Diamond modified his traditional “Candy Caroline” to be about hand washing, whereas JoJo switched up “Leave (Catch Out)” to abet social distancing.

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