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For the reason that delivery of its first episode in 2017, Netflix series 13 Reasons Why has modified the panorama for teen dramas. Tackling advanced subject issues spanning bullying, psychological health, suicide, and sexual assault, it has stirred crucial conversations among kids and adults alike, moreover to controversy; in its first week on my own, it spawned 3.4 million tweets.

And this three hundred and sixty five days, the series will at closing arrive to a discontinuance. 13 Reasons Why‘s closing segment, Season 4, will air on June 5. The delivery date modified into as soon as announced by assignment of an emotional trailer on Monday (Could possibly also honest 11) depicting a teary-eyed table read by its cast. Look it beneath.

“I will not ever fail to recollect this skills for the relaxation of my existence,” Alisha Boe, who plays Jessica Davis, says. “So thank you.”

In step with a younger adult original by Jay Asher and produced by Selena Gomez, the series follows a community of highschool college students reliving the events that lead as a lot as the dying of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). Season 4 will untangle many webs spun in Season 3 and elevate gentle to deeply kept secrets, all whereas Liberty High Faculty’s senior class prepares for graduation.

As well to to Boe, The season will feature varied returning cast participants, in conjunction with Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen, Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley, and Ross Butler as Zach Dempsey.

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