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Amber has admitted to having a tricky time trusting men in the previous, and now, the teen mom expressed the very same issues about her most trendy man Dimitri. The perform: Tales about their romance began to wander in the press, and the mom of two believed the Belgian had something to full with the studies. Amber’s procedure of getting to the underside of her doubts? A lie detector take a look at — something the Indiana native did earlier than together with her historic fiancé Matt.

“All I desire from a man is honesty,” Amber informed Gary all the procedure in which through tonight’s episode. “I possess like I’m procedure perfect with men, which is how they discover me.”

Amber printed to Leah’s father that she has struggled with belief a romantic interest’s “intentions” — and how she experienced this with Matt.

“He thought he change into going to be celebrated after we broke up,” she added, with a laugh. A rewind on the loss of life of their romance: Matt change into asked all the procedure in which through the take a look at if he made any sexual advances against someone. The Unusual England native answered no, but the administrator stated his solution “got right here up pretend.”

But back to Dimitri. Amber wanted the polygraph expert to demand her beau if he change into together with her for the moral causes and change into being perfect — and if he failed the overview, Amber insisted he could possibly maybe possibly be “long gone.”

How did Dimitri discontinue? He passed — and there change into “no deception indicated” with key parts together with if he has other girlfriends (no), the usage of her for money (no) and if he’s an perfect particular person (yes).

“It looks to be to be like like you’ve a keeper,” polygraph expert Marvin informed the couple.

Dimitri later confessed he felt relief, while Amber admitted she depended on her man but had trepidation about giving herself “full on” to him.

“To beget someone who without a doubt cares and loves me and is nice and honest — now I know I’m in a position to at closing stunning be this procedure and no longer effort about someone making an are trying to pick out my money or fabricate reputation,” an emotional Amber stated. “It’s reasonably intense moral now — I have been searching ahead to this for an extraordinarily lengthy time.”

Amber concluded that she change into “so tickled” to beget chanced on Dimitri — and for now, she has a new sense of confidence in him. But will it closing? Don’t lope away out Amber and Dimitri on the season finale of Teen Mother OG on Tuesday at 8/7c.

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