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The host talks about the narrative, emotional give as much as the wonderful season ever.

Each and each week, host Jeff Probst has been answering just a few questions about potentially the most as much as the moment episode of Survivor: Winners at War. Right here, he shares his purchase on the finale, including the winner, an emotional fire duel, a participant sacrificing himself, the far flung reading of the votes, and more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We at all times delivery these finale Q&As off by talking about the winner. But now we are talking about the winner of winners! Hit me up with your solutions on Tony’s victory jog, and does this second dominant take officially keep him on the Survivor Mount Rushmore?

JEFF PROBST: Tony is such a pride to stare play Survivor. He perceived to obtain a identical old understanding to keep low and look if he could well per chance obtain a footing with a sturdy alliance. He didn’t hunt for idols, really, he wonderful chanced on one all the game. I became also really impressed with how malleable he tried to be with Sarah. You will characterize that now and then he did things he didn’t desire to attain, take care of obtain to play his idol, nevertheless he did them anyway to live real. And his performance in challenges became really something given he had now not won a single scenario in his earlier two seasons. And, on high of all the pieces else, he became so lively week after week along with his wide ladders, sharks, and gape nests. I trust what he said at remaining, that he didn’t really invent many errors. I won’t obtain into the GOAT debate, nevertheless I will mumble shall we now not be happier with Tony as the winner of our wonderful season of all time.

This has been a really emotional season with moments take care of the log carrying job and the paunchy household household focus on over with, nevertheless potentially the most impactful emotion of the season could well additionally had been what we saw from Tony and Sarah after the fire-making fight. Two most effective chums in the game, in their third season together — every body amongst them having already overwhelmed the assorted —reacting as one had her dream dashed and the assorted his dream fulfilled. What became it take care of seeing that up finish because somebody became getting a piece misty on his sofa in Montclair, N.J.?

I’m now not definite I’m in a position to adequately characterize anything from this season in a vogue that will take the general spirit, let on my own such a non-public moment. Right here’s what it became take care of on a on daily foundation foundation. These 20 gamers went onerous every minute of on daily foundation. And they did it, almost with out exception, with class. By the purpose Sarah and Tony made it to the final four fire-making scenario, it became inevitable that it could per chance well per chance surrender in emotion. I understanding it became subtle, considerable, and exact.

In season 38, Chris Underwood said that he knew he needed to present up immunity to purchase Rick Devens on in fire since it became the true contrivance of us from the Fringe of Extinction would vote for him to take. Natalie became challenged a piece by the jury for now not doing the equal factor and giving up her immunity to purchase on Tony. Attain you judge that became a mistake on her piece and that she ought to obtain long previous for broke shimmering she wished to pad her résumé?

Natalie became successfully mindful that Chris had diagram the tone in season 38. I judge it became sure that she didn’t feel confident enough in her fire-making abilities to purchase out Tony. So she keep somebody up in opposition to her who she understanding could well be in a location to purchase him out. Had she been ethical, and he or she almost became, that could well had been one more pass she could well per chance add to her résumé. Natalie conducted as onerous as she could well per chance play on the Edge. She deserved her shot again in and the true fact that she bought four votes speaks to the honor she earned.

In a gorgeous pass earlier in the finale, Ben gave Sarah permission to vote him out so she could well per chance fabricate her résumé with the jury. Attain you judge this decision became born out of Ben’s belief that he had dinky-to-no-shot with the jury, particularly after his comments to you that he became “now not very in vogue”?

I’m in a position to wonderful observation on what I saw and what I saw became Ben being completely exhausted, each emotionally and physically. He also had a really tight bond with Sarah. It perceived to me that he knew he became fading and maybe in an emotional moment, he made the gesture to Sarah. He became sure in announcing that if she didn’t attain it, he’d resolve combating, nevertheless if she wished to it’d be okay. I’m gonna purchase it at face price that it became a gesture of love that came from this specific scenario – “I’m tired… I’m fading… if you happen to could well additionally income from that… attain so.  Defend me out.” And Sarah did.

Obviously, gender — take care of just a few various components — performs a job in Survivor. I bear in mind asking you after the Island of the Idols finale about the true fact that males had won the the leisure 5 seasons of Survivor and 11 out of the the leisure 14, and likewise you had been really taken aback by those numbers. Now it’s as much as six straight male winners and 12 out of the previous 15. And also you all had an provocative conversation about gender on the first finale Tribal Council the put you came ethical out and said, “Let me possess my piece. I’m definite ethical now if I had been to peek again on the total comments I even obtain transformed 20 years, I would discover the specific identical bias in me. Who I call by remaining names. Guys obtain assorted relationships with every assorted, and I could well additionally now not know guidelines on how to obtain that relationship with a lady. So I’ll positively possess the true fact that I positively don’t judge I saw it when Survivor started. And I don’t even judge I do know I became speculated to peek for it. But I’m very grand responsive to it now.” You didn’t obtain to exclaim that, and likewise you completely didn’t obtain to consist of it in the episode — particularly when every second of air-time is treasured. Why did you’re feeling that became crucial for you to exclaim and to consist of?

I’ve been with Survivor for 20 years and I’ve made an extraordinarily good deal of errors along the vogue. I also hope that I’ve modified, grown, and matured in the center of the years. I’m now not the equal particular person I became when I started with the demonstrate in 2000. I’ve realized so grand from these gamers. These styles of non-public moments with the gamers come up typically the put I feel it’s relevant for me to inject my possess sage into the game. Gender bias is something that has grow to be such a really crucial topic that this one felt it became successfully timed and linked for just a few reasons. I’m grateful to Sarah for bringing up the discipline. It gave me the different to tackle my possess life classes!

In the end, characterize me about putting together the understanding to be taught the votes remotely and what it felt desire to characterize somebody just a few thousand miles away he wonderful won $2 million greenbacks?

Constructing a Tribal Council in my garage took me again to my early production days. It became in actuality a quantity of relaxing. We also shipped cameras and lights and all the pieces else we wished to pull off the demonstrate. The Zoom call with the final three became very intimate since it became wonderful the four of us and I had an iPad counting down what number of seconds had been left in the demonstrate. But I really felt for them because they would well now not feel the love that I do know they’d obtain felt if we had been are living in Los Angeles.

I’m definite for Natalie and Michele it became more refined to discover they lost and then obtain the demonstrate surrender so all of a sudden with them sitting with their household in their dwelling. I’m really impressed with all three of them. They handled the vote be taught with whole grace. As for Tony, I desire we had a piece more time because he’s so relaxing to focus on over with, nevertheless the principle factor is that we had enough time to acknowledge him as a colossal guide of our demonstrate and look his wife and younger of us hugging on him as we ended the demonstrate. A colossal ending to a colossal season!

Experience an exclusive deleted scene from the finale above, and ascertain to examine out our interview with the winner, our paunchy finale recap. For more in the again of the scenes Survivor scoop, photos, and movies, be conscious Dalton on each Twitter and Instagram.

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