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Warning: This article contains spoilers about Wednesday’s season finale of Survivor: Winners at Battle.

Survivor’s 40th season — a war of the champions that pitted 20 customary winners against every other for final bragging rights — came to a shut on Wednesday night as one other participant joined Sandra Diaz-Twine because the franchise’s easiest two-time victors.

The Winners at Battle finale started with Tony Vlachos, Sarah Lacina, Ben Driebergen, Michele Fitzgerald, and Denise Stapley waiting for one other participant to be part of them after winning the war reduction distress to reach from the Fringe of Extinction. That participant grew to turn out to be out to be Natalie Anderson, who used to be the first person voted out of the game reduction on day 2 and customary three advantages to defeat the sphere.

Natalie then customary an immunity idol she supplied with Fire Tokens, one other one she mutter in the jungle, and a closing immunity distress desire to accept herself into the final 3. Denise ended up being the first sufferer when Natalie performed her first idol, and then — in potentially the most gorgeous 2d of the finale — a teary Ben (potentially realizing he stood limited likelihood of getting jury votes later) gave Sarah permission to vote him out so she also can boost her résumé after they learned Natalie had one other idol.

Then, after Natalie received the final immunity, she introduced Michele to the stay along with her — forcing Law enforcement officers ‘R’ Us allies Tony and Sarah to realize war at fire, with the winner heading to the final 3 and the loser heading to the jury. It used to be an emotional face-off that began with an total bunch fist-bumps and ended with tears, kisses, and heaps “I love yous” after Tony defeated his most efficient friend in the game.

The closing Tribal Council used to be absent of any of the bitterness that has marked other jury questioning sessions and mirrored the celebratory nature of season as an total as gamers were mostly very complimentary and respectful of the video games of all three finalists. Natalie did clutch a limited bit heat for an absence of a social game on the Fringe of Extinction, and that also can have cost her as Tony one way or the other sailed to a easy victory to turn out to be the show hide’s 2d two-time winner.

It used to be a fitting conclusion for a dominant flee by the Cagayan champ in all three facets of the game. No longer easiest did Tony desire four immunity challenges and derive an immunity idol, nonetheless he performed an instrumental purpose in almost every single vote he used to be a ingredient of without upsetting any jurors, and did no longer have a single vote cast against him all season. He now has earned his predicament on the Survivor Mount Rushmore next to luminaries love fellow season 40 gamers Sandra, Parvati Shallow, and Boston Raise Mariano.

My fat finale recap shall be up at the moment, along with interviews with the final six besides to host Jeff Probst. However see what the final five needed to suppose going into the finale, and for additional Survivor scoop, observe Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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