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Tori become left within the dirt to dirt right thru tonight’s Downside episode — leaving Jordan to fend for the lovebirds within the cutthroat game. But can the reigning champ “recall his head up” on this total insanity without his fiancée by his aspect?

The Soiled XXX finalist become desperate to accumulate her crimson skull, and following Season 35’s sixth mission, known as Semi Espionage, Tori volunteered to lunge into Purgatory. Tribunal member Jenna, who become torn between competing or going home to her boyfriend Zach, made up our minds it become her time to wrestle for a region within the final. In the end, Jenna defeated Tori right thru “Dirt to Dirt”; it become “neck and neck” on the tip of the showdown, with Barbie Beast taking it within the tip. And of direction, Jordan, who become very vocal from the sidelines trying to give his future spouse pointers, become heartbroken.

“You better no longer wail,” Tori knowledgeable her beau, after he ran accurate down to give her a hug and lope the engagement ring merit on her finger. “I did the correct I could well. I gave it all the pieces I had.”

“I’m squeezing the existence out of Tori because I sort no longer desire her to leave. this game is no longer the equal for me,” the three-time victor acknowledged in an interview.

Tori knowledgeable him to be “solid,” to recall his “head up” and “take care of sane.” But deep down, she become anxious about her soul mate.

“I excellent know his psychological health,” Tori as of late knowledgeable to MTV News. “I needed him to be in a decent thoughts-living. I know we had excellent attain off of one other season, and it become in actuality laborious. Even supposing he gained [War of the Worlds 2], it become quiet very draining. I excellent wished to be there for him, and I excellent didn’t desire him to want to wrestle thru that on my own.”

So will Jordan gain a plot to take for the both of them — again? And can he endure the insanity without Tori? Or are his days numbered (like Cory desires)? Cling forth on the elimination and Jordan’s chances, then recall gazing The Downside: Total Madness every Wednesday at 8/7c.

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