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One moment Free Utter journalist Paul Nthoba became as soon as snapping a picture of law enforcement officials on patrol come the Caledon River, setting apart South Africa and Lesotho, and the subsequent he became as soon as allegedly being beaten for taking the image.

Nthoba, who’s the editor of the Mohokare News, named after the Sesotho be conscious for the Caledon River, told News24 after this took location, he went to the police location in Ficksburg to lay a brand of assault against the officers. He said on the placement he became as soon as threatened with a Catastrophe Administration Act infraction.

The journalist said he became as soon as on the river on Friday on tale of some locals had complained that policing in the distance became as soon as too slack.

He said that he is recognized in the distance, and when he saw the officers he thought: “Oh perceive, that is a pleasant shot – there are policemen.”


He took the image, planning ahead to contain it in an editorial.

“I became as soon as going to keep a inquire of to them, ‘how are you doing?’,” he said.

Nonetheless, he said one of many law enforcement officials answered with a deeply offensive bid be conscious, and the tone modified as he told him he felt insulted.

Yet any other officer, who Nthoba thought of as the senior among them, allegedly urged his colleagues to assault Nthoba.

“That’s after I realised I became as soon as going to gain a hiding,” he said.

He said it took location too hasty to desire a video, nonetheless he does rep audio of the alleged incident. They allegedly beat him and left him. Nthoba said he then went to the police location to lay a criticism of assault against them.

While he became as soon as there, Nthoba said, he tried to desire a picture when diversified officers entered. Nthoba said they objected to this. He claimed he became as soon as dragged to a police cell and told he would be charged below the Catastrophe Administration Act.

The Just Police Investigative Directorate spokesperson Sontaga Seisa confirmed that a journalist had laid a criticism of assault, nonetheless added that police had laid a counter-criticism, alleging he did no longer rep a allow to be out. These might be investigated.

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Nthoba said he has a allow, nonetheless became as soon as by no system asked for it in the center of any of the exchanges.

In the crash, a case of allegedly obstructing the police in conducting their responsibilities became as soon as opened against him.

Nthoba said he needed to head to health center to be viewed to, did no longer sleep smartly on Friday night and became as soon as quiet shaken up by the full ride.


The SA Nationwide Editors’ Discussion board (Sanef) said it had a recording of the altercation and became as soon as very scared by it.

“Sanef is deeply alive to to listen to about this abuse out in the sphere – nonetheless also, significant extra worryingly, on the police location, the very location the put Nthoba had sought refuge and to withhold the law enforcement officials to blame.”Sanef notes that neighborhood media platforms gift serious local alternatives to mainstream print and broadcasting. We mediate that they play a extremely foremost role in diversifying the media, profiling local voices, reflecting local struggles, and building communities by retaining local authorities to tale.

“We mediate that journalists and the media at this stage in general ride extra abuse than prosperous, in general extra high-profile mainstream media – we thus have to worth sure their protection.

“We mediate that [SA Police Service] leadership – and the leadership of all safety authorities – have to quiet practice a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of harassment towards all our media.”

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