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Feeble president Barack Obama has made a rare public attack on Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, warning the pandemic has shown that many excessive phases officials “have to no longer even pretending to be in ticket” because the US nears 90,000 virus deaths.

His criticism came true days after he referred to the Trump administration’s response to Covid-19 as “an absolute chaotic worry” at some level of a leaked conference name.

Meanwhile, Republican senator Mitt Romney has denounced Mr Trump’s firings of rather a lot of inspector generals as a “threat to responsible democracy” after Democrats launched an investigation into the firing of the snort department’s inner watchdog Steve Linick.

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2020-05-17T15: 27: 31.000Z

‘I fabricate no longer have to focus on to him’

On his relationship with Chinese president Xi Jinping, Mr Trump said: “I if truth be told agree with a extraordinarily ethical relationship, but factual now … I fabricate no longer have to focus on to him.”


China’s President Xi Jinping and Donald Trump it appears to be might perhaps perhaps well no longer be speaking anytime soon

2020-05-17T15: 15: 31.000Z

More difficult principles for Chinese companies listed on US stock exchanges?

Talking about China, the president additionally spoke concerning the chance of ensuring stricter law of Chinese companies that list on US stock exchanges.

The stride might perhaps perhaps well perhaps be a punishment for the fashion Beijing did no longer have the coronavirus pandemic at its source.

Currently, Chinese companies are no longer required to consume US accounting standards and practices, which has ended in circumstances of fraud and introduced about merchants to lose money.

Mr Trump says that the administration is taking a gape closely on the premise, but it with out a doubt might perhaps perhaps well no longer be in actuality easy. 

He said that Chinese companies might perhaps perhaps well simply list in London or Hong Kong as one more, but additionally well-liked those exchanges attain no longer agree with the depth of liquidity that New York presents. 

Larger than 150 Chinese companies are listed in the US with a pre-pandemic fee of $1.2trn, in accordance with figures from the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

Referring to the alternate deal struck with China, the president said he would no longer renegotiate and that he used to be no longer contented about anything to achieve with the arena.

2020-05-17T14: 42: 20.000Z

Trump doubles down on Obamagate accusation

This morning’s interview with Maria Bartiromo featured this change by which the president doubled down on the accusation that his predecessor used to be right away concerned with what he alleges is “the ideal political rip-off in the ancient past of our nation”.

Trump: “It used to be very no longer seemingly for it to occur with out the particular person that sits factual in that chair in the oval office. He knew the whole lot.”

Bartiromo: “End you agree with President Obama directed the US intelligence agencies to gape on you?”

Trump: “Sure, he seemingly directed them, but if he didn’t tell them, he knew the whole lot.”

Earlier, the president said: “This used to be all Obama. This used to be all Biden. The total ingredient used to be hideous. And we caught them.”

2020-05-17T13: 58: 20.000Z

An ‘Obamagate’ refresher earlier than on the unique time’s Fox Files interview

Earlier than this morning’s interview with Maria Bartiromo, right here’s a short breakdown of what Trump dubs ‘Obamagate’.

2020-05-17T13: 43: 20.000Z

Trump takes purpose at China again

The president took one more shot at China on Twitter on Sunday morning, complaining concerning the “little part” of funds they make a contribution to world organisations when in contrast with the US given the size of China’s inhabitants.

He additionally vowed to lift relief the financial system that “Ahead of the Plague floating in from China” had been “blowing all individuals away”.

2020-05-17T13: 27: 20.000Z

Trump to be interviewed on Fox Files this morning

The president will be interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on Fox Files this morning at 10am East Flee time. We are going to be following are residing.

Mr Trump is serene at Camp David, but will depart for the White Dwelling at midday on Marine One.

No other events are scheduled.

2020-05-17T13: 11: 20.000Z

Eric Trump says coronavirus will ‘magically high-tail away’ after the election, suggesting disease is a Democrat ploy

In an look on Pick Jeanine Pirro’s Fox Files video show on Saturday evening, the president’s son said that the Democrats had been milking the coronavirus pandemic for the whole lot they might perhaps perhaps well to halt his father being reelected.

Arguing that this used to be segment of a mountainous method that included stopping his father from maintaining rallies, he said that the coronavirus pandemic would magically depart after the election, and all individuals would then be in favour of reopening.

2020-05-17T12: 34: 24.720Z

Invoice Pullman hits relief at Trump’s consume of edited ‘Independence Day’ clip

Actor Invoice Pullman has pushed apart Mr Trump’s odd consume of an edited clip from his 1996 movie Impartial Day on Twitter the day past.

The president shared a video which confirmed his face superimposed on Mr Pullman’s personality giving an impassioned speech because the US president.

Our custom reporter, Ellie Harrison, has the paunchy story below:

2020-05-17T12: 25: 14.710Z

Uncertainty over whether or no longer Biden will serve 2d time length raises stakes for VP capture

Feeble vp Joe Biden has no longer even obtained the presidency yet, but he’s already speaking about when he might perhaps perhaps well high-tail away office.

To be able to ease concerns about his age, the 77-one year-regular presumptive Democratic nominee has said he would no longer agree with re-election in 2024 if his psychological or bodily health declined.

Mr Biden has additionally referred to himself as a “transition candidate”, growing intense hypothesis about who his running mate will be and who might perhaps perhaps well lead the party after he retires.

A vice presidential candidate love Elizabeth Warren might perhaps perhaps well broaden Mr Biden’s enchantment with progressives, but analysts agree with warned the 70-one year-regular senator would no longer inform the following skills of the party.

If Mr Biden wants to stride for a youthful candidate, he might perhaps perhaps well scheme shut senator Kamala Harris (55 years regular) or senator Amy Klobuchar (59) from the 2020 Democratic most essential skedaddle.

Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman of the Texas Democratic Celebration, said the ragged VP’s sequence of running mate have to maintain twin roles – they might perhaps perhaps well have to continue to stride the nation faraway from the Trump skills “if one thing had been to occur whereas he’s serene in office” or later “if Biden decides to retire and stride the baton.”

“I deem the stakes are already in actuality excessive, with out reference to the fashion you scrutinize at it,” Mr Hinojosa said.

2020-05-17T12: 10: 43.420Z

Romney warns of ‘threat to democracy’ from Trump firings

Republican senator Mitt Romney has denounced Donald Trump’s firings of a couple of inspector generals as a “threat to responsible democracy”.

“The firings of a couple of Inspectors Smartly-liked is unparalleled; doing so with out ethical trigger chills the independence wanted to their reason,” Mr Romney wrote on Twitter.

“It’s a threat to responsible democracy and a fissure in the constitutional steadiness of vitality.”

His criticism came as Democrats launched an investigation on Saturday into the president’s dismissal of the Sing Division’s inspector standard Steve Linick.

You would perhaps perhaps well be in a design to search out extra on that story below:

2020-05-17T11: 57: 21.846Z

Obama says many Trump officials ‘aren’t even pretending to be in ticket’

Barack Obama has made a public attack on the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus crisis in an address to graduating college college students.

The ragged president said the pandemic had highlighted a lack of leadership in the White Dwelling and accused officials of “no longer even pretending to be in ticket”.

“Larger than anything, this pandemic has fully, in the end torn relief the curtain on the premise that so loads of the other folk in ticket know what they’re doing,” Mr Obama said.

“Heaps of them aren’t even pretending to be in ticket.”

Our reporter, Andy Gregory, has the paunchy story below:

2020-05-17T11: 47: 39.410Z

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