Google unveils new low-cost Pixel 4a smartphone


Google has unveiled its new low-cost Pixel 4a smartphone and announced future devices including the Pixel 5.

Priced at $349 (with an expected UK price of £349), the Pixel 4a is aimed at consumers turned off by more expensive devices.

It is cheaper than the starting price of the Pixel 3a which was released last year at a cost of £399.

Google has also announced the Pixel 5, which will be 5G compatible and available later this year, as well as the Pixel 4a 5G, which will also be available before Christmas.

Pixel 4 has been released by Google
Google has revealed the budget version of the Pixel 4

Many phone releases are expected to be delayed until shortly before Christmas this year due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on production lines in the Far East.

With non-standalone 5G networks (using 5G radio antennas on 4G core infrastructure) getting up and running, many mobile network companies are keen to sell devices which can take advantage of this capability.

Despite this, the Pixel 4a will initially arrive without a chip capable of processing 5G communications, although a later model will introduce this.

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It is similar in design to the 3a, although the screen now takes up the whole of the front of the device, with the fingerprint sensor being moved to the back.

Google sells more expensive devices – its main Pixel 4 and 4 XL range, both of which have two rear cameras, retail at $799 (£669) for the 64GB version and $899 (£829) for the larger XL.

At the time they were released they were priced higher than the iPhone 11.

According to GlobalStats, as of July, Google holds just 1.5% of the market for phones in the UK, behind Apple (46%), Samsung (30%), Huawei (10%), Motorola (2%) and Sony (2%).

Google’s biggest sell to mobile users is its services, all of which are accessible to Android users regardless of the hardware manufacturer.

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