Tesla slashes price of CCS retrofit for Model S and Model X


Tesla has slashed the price of its CCS retrofit — making many owners of older Model S and Model X vehicles in Europe happy, but there’s still no word on a launch in the US.

With the launch of the Model 3 and its Supercharger V3 in Europe, Tesla switched its main charging standard to CCS.

The automaker ended up launching a CCS adapter for Model S and Model X owners to be able to use the growing CCS charging station networks.

However, the adapter wouldn’t work with Model S and Model X produced before May 1st, 2019.

Tesla has been offering a “retrofit” to allow those owners to use the adapter, but it wasn’t cheap at €500, including the €170 cost of the adapter.

Now Tesla has slashed the price.

“The CCS Combo 2 retrofit service costs 299 € including the cost of a CCS Combo 2 adapter.”

Tesla owners need to set an appointment with their local service center in order to get the retrofit.

Back when Tesla announced the CCS adapter in Europe last year, a Tesla spokesperson told Electrek that they will make sure owners in North America will have access to all “compelling networks” — indicating that they would launch the same in the market, but it has yet to happen a year later.

It is arguably less urgent in the US since Tesla is still only deploying new Supercharger stations using its own proprietary standard.

However, many Tesla owners are asking for it so they can access the growing third-party networks using the CCS standard.

When using the CCS adapter, the charge rate is limited to 142 kW, which is similar to the charge rate on Tesla’s Supercharger V2, but it falls short of the 250 kW charge rate of the Supercharger V3.

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