‘One of you non-mask wearers did this’: Sharon Stone’s sister fights for life after getting COVID-19


Sharon Stone has said her sister and brother-in-law are “fighting for their lives” with coronavirus, blaming “non-mask wearers”.

In a series of posts on her Instagram account, the Emmy-winning actress said her sister Kelly is “not doing well”.

Sharing pictures of her sister’s hospital room, she wrote: “My sister Kelly, who already has lupus, now has COVID-19. This is her hospital room. One of you Non-Mask wearers did this.

“She does not have an immune system. The only place she went was the pharmacy.”

The actress also revealed her brother-in-law Bruce was fighting for his life on the same COVID ward.

In a video, the 62-year-old said that the couple had “stayed at home at long as they could”, adding: “My sister and her husband are fighting for their lives and my sister is not doing well.”

Kelly Stone has posted a number of videos from her hospital bed, including one in which she appeared short of breath as she spoke.

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“I beg you to know that this is real,” she said.

“I’m gasping for every breath with oxygen. Please do this for the people that you love.

“Stand behind more tests, more masks, demanding everyone wear a mask. You never, ever wanna feel like this, I promise you.”

She added that her heart is “breaking for people that can’t breathe”.

In her most recent post, Kelly said she was not having a good day and felt “very weak”, while her husband’s fever had also gone up.

Sharon Stone said that in Montana, where the couple live, people cannot get tested unless they are symptomatic – and even then, they don’t receive test results for five days.

She also said that the pair’s contacts – including her mother, who has had two heart attacks, five stents and a pacemaker within the last five months – are unable to get tested.

The state governor and the health department have not been returning her calls, the actress said.

“This is the state of affairs in the middle of our country, where you, the people in the middle of our country, are at great risk of dying from COVID,” she said.

“They keep saying that the risks are so small and you might not die and that it’ll be fine but I’m telling you what’s going on with my family.”

The Basic Instinct actress also said her grandmother and her godmother had died from COVID-19.

She urged people to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November’s presidential election, citing that countries with female leadership had fared better during the pandemic.

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