Tesla updates Model 3 frunk, makes it a bit smaller — but why?


Tesla has updated the Model 3’s front trunk, also known as the frunk, by making it a little smaller. It’s not clear why yet, but it might actually be good news.

Model 3 has seen several “under the hood” updates since launching 3 years ago, but it hasn’t seen many customer-facing hardware changes.

Now Tesla has updated the front trunk of the Model 3 with a slightly different design that is apparently a little smaller than the previous version of the electric sedan’s frunk.

Several new Tesla buyers taking delivery of Model 3 cars over the last week or so have reported the change, which Tesla didn’t make known until after delivery.

Tyler Nelson shared a few pictures of his brand new Model 3’s frunk with Electrek:

Nelson ordered his Model 3 earlier this month and took delivery last week, but the build date shows it was built last month.

Here’s the difference with my own Model 3 (2018) front trunk:

As you can see, while the overall openings are similar in size, the new frunk has larger trims at the top and on the sides that leave the cargo space smaller.

Here’s another comparison shot between the two frunks (old on the left and new on the right):

Many Tesla owners are speculating on social media that the change is in preparation for Tesla adding a heat pump in the Model 3, which would take up more space in the front of the car and could explain the smaller front trunk.

Tesla launched the Model Y, which is built on the same architecture to Model 3, with a heat pump that is expected to greatly improve efficiency in colder climates.

However, it is still a theory for now and it doesn’t look like new Model 3 cars are currently equipped with a heat pump.

Electrek checked the Model 3 parts catalog and as of today, no heat pump has been added to the list.

Electrek’s Take

I think that theory has some legs, but we can’t know for sure right now.

Personally, I would gladly take a smaller frunk for a heat pump. I barely use the frunk and I would bet that most Tesla owners also only use the frunk on rare occasions.

Now it is a bummer for owners in the middle of the transition who would be getting the smaller frunk without the heat pump or other improvements.

There are currently rumors of Tesla updating the Model 3’s headlights and adding a powered lift trunk, but I talked to a few people who took delivery of brand new Model 3 cars this week and they didn’t have those changes – though they had the new frunk.

If you are taking delivery of a new Model 3 or have more information about this, please let me know: fred@electreck.co.

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