Tesla changes Model Y’s taillight design


Tesla has tweaked the Model Y’s taillight design with small and simple changes that will make a big difference.

On Model 3 and Model Y (until now), Tesla was using taillights with both the brake lights and the directional signals being red.

Regulations allow this, but it requires that the brake lights be a brighter red that the directional signals.

However, many automakers go a step further and provide a completely different color for the turn signals in the taillights – generally amber.

Tesla didn’t do that in the Model Y until now with an updated taillight design spotted on new electric SUVs being delivered.

A Redditor going by /u/Cocoa_Linguine provided a good comparison of the brand new Tesla Model Y taillights:

As you can see, the brake lights now have a brighter red and it does appear that the casing is a bit darker on the new ones.

Here’s a slider comparison (left is the old taillight and right is the new tailight) for a better look:

Finally, the turn signals are now flashing amber instead of red:

Tesla seems to be implementing many small changes to the Model 3 and Model Y lately.

On top of the new taillights, Model 3 recently received a new front trunk and it is rumored to receive new headlights.

Tesla is known for not working with a model-year update system and instead implementing new hardware whenever it is ready to be brought to production.

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