The Tesla Cybertruck Has Massive Appeal To Off-Road Enthusiasts


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Tesla’s Cybertruck is a disruptive entrant into the world of traditional pickup trucks. As an extremely functional vehicle as a work truck, the Cybertruck has the potential to be the first wedge into the world of blue collar workers and recreational truck enthusiasts for electric vehicles. Today, the three top selling vehicles in the United States are trucks from Ford, Chevy, and Dodge.

The Cybertruck’s unique capabilities could bring just enough functionality to the party to sway even the most loyal Ford, Chevy, or Dodge fan. YouTuber Mike In The Woods took to his channel to unpack the seven reasons he has identified that make the Cybertruck an ideal vehicle for overlanding. Overlanding, for the uninitiated, is the practice of traveling over undeveloped land in a typically four wheel drive vehicle with everything needed to complete the trip.

On the surface, electric vehicles might seem ill-suited for self-sufficient travel, but Mike makes a compelling case for the Cybertruck. Before we unpack our perspective on a few of these, here are Mike’s top seven reasons why the Cybertruck could be the ultimate overlanding vehicle:

  1. It’s quiet
  2. Vaulted truck bed
  3. Self-driving capability
  4. Recharging with solar
  5. Multiple camp setup options
  6. Low center of gravity and high approach angle. 35 degree approach angle, 28 degree departure angle
  7. It’s a giant power bank on wheels

Many of these reasons apply around town and in the woods, but they take on new meaning in an off-road, remote setting.

Being quiet around town makes for a more relaxing ride, but when out in the woods, that makes the Cybertruck a far better option for hunters and outdoorsman. Why advertise your presence to every living thing within 5 miles with a loud V8 or diesel engine when the Cybertruck can quietly sneak into the area without hardly a sound?

Recharging with solar could be the hidden ace in the hole for overlanders in particular. Imagine rolling into camp after a long day of off-roading and instead of searching around for a gas can or hoping you brought the right amount of fuel, simply popping up a solar canopy. Even if it takes a few days to fully charge with a small array or a large number of panels for an array with the capability to fully recharge in a single day, the ability to generate fuel for the vehicle anywhere on the planet is a massive advantage.

The fact that it’s a giant power bank on wheels plays right into this as owners can then use the power stored in the Cybertruck for whatever they want. Need to recharge the GPS or smartphone? Want to setup a few lights around camp? Need to recharge your electric bike or ATV? The Cybertruck enables all that and more. It will have full 240 volt power out, capable of supporting many common work tools with explicit support for the Tesla ATV teased at the unveiling event.

Check out Mike’s video below and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments. Is the Cybertruck the ultimate overlanding vehicle? Why or why not?

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