Britons urged to return to office after reports workers from home ‘more vulnerable to sackings’


“It is now safe to go back” to work, a cabinet minister has told Sky News as the government prepares a push to get people back to the office.

In a new advertising blitz next week, government messages will emphasise the benefits of employees returning to workplaces, as well as encouraging businesses to make their offices COVID-secure.

It comes after the UK reported its highest daily number of new coronavirus cases since 12 June, with 1,522 people receiving a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 test on Thursday.

Speaking to Sky News on Friday, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “What we’re saying to people is it is now safe to go back.

“Your employer should have made arrangements which are appropriate to make sure it is coronavirus-safe to work.

“You will see some changes if you haven’t been in for a bit, as a result.

“There’s a limit to video-conferencing, Zoom, and all the rest of it, in terms of getting some types of work done.

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“Clearly there are things you can’t just do remotely, and a lot of those people have carried on working.

“But for the rest of us, also, you just miss out on that human spark when you’re not with people.

“You will find the office has been reorganised into a coronavirus-avoidance friendly environment and probably a few changes as a result.”

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