MPs vote to reinstate controversial parts of PM’s post-Brexit bill


MPs have voted to reinstate controversial sections of a bill that could potentially override the Brexit divorce deal.

It comes after the controversial sections were stripped out by peers.

MPs voted to reinsert key pieces of the Internal Market Bill that have sparked consternation in Westminster and abroad for potentially breaking international law by taking precedence over the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

The move means the draft legislation will now be sent back to the House of Lords, beginning what is known as “ping pong” when the two chambers do not back down to the other’s amendments.

Ministers argue the provisions are needed to protect the integrity of the UK and the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland in the event no trade deal is struck with Brussels.

But the government said on Monday it would “be prepared to remove” the offending parts if a future relationship agreement can be salvaged.

The prime minister will head for Brussels “in the coming days” to meet EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to try and secure a breakthrough.

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